Nettie's Story

Williamsport, PA

Nettie has struggled with hearing loss for many years. She was getting frustrated that even with her current hearing aids, she could not hear her family and friends. Nettie was finding it difficult to communicate with anyone, leading her to withdraw from her everyday activites, like attending church. Seeking support, Nettie reached out to Miracle-Ear in Williamsport, PA for an evaluation. Miracle-Ear Hearing Specialist, Lesa, tested Nettie and confirmed the need for new hearing aids but quickly determined the cost of hearing aids was out of her reach. Lesa suggested that she apple for assistance from the Miracle-Ear Foundation, a non-profit that has donated more than 30,000 hearing aids to people like Nettie. Nettie was approved and fitted with donated hearing aids as well as life-time aftercare. Nettie is thrilled with her new hearing aids. She is so excited to be able to hear her family and friends better. She can finally enjoy her favorite activities without feeling like she is missing out. Nettie can't wait to attend church services again and spend time watching TV with her family. Nettie is so grateful for the help Lesa and the Miracle-Ear Foundation has given her with the Gift of Sound.

Nettie's previous hearing aids were not working for her anymore, but with her new donated hearing aids, she doesn't miss out anymore.