Joaquin's Story

Reading, PA

As someone who has struggled with hearing loss for several years, Joaquin knows what it's like to feel frustrated when trying to communicate with friends and family. Joaquin had to rely on his daughter to help translate when he couldn't communicate easily, and he was always asking people to repeat themselves. Seeking support and solutions, Joaquin reached out to Miracle-Ear in Reading, PA. During Joaquin's visit, Miracle-Ear Hearing Specialist, Ashley, tested him and confirmed his need for hearing aids. Although he needed hearing aids, they both determined the cost was out of his reach. Eager to help, Ashley suggested he apply for assistance from the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Joaquin was approved and fitted with donated hearing aids and given life-time aftercare. Joaquin is incredibly grateful to have been one of over 16,000 people to receive the gift of sound. He is so happy with his new hearing aids and can't wait to hear his friends and family again. Joaquin finally feels like he can enjoy life again and looks forward to spending quality time with family and friends.

Thanks to Ashley and the Miracle-Ear Foundation, Joaquin is looking forward to communicating with family more, especially his daughter.