Franz’s Story

Reading, PA

Franz has struggled with hearing loss for many years from working in a noisy environment. He was getting frustrated that he could not easily communicate with his family and friends. Franz was always asking everyone to repeat what they said back to him. Growing more and more frustrated, Franz decided to reach out to Miracle-Ear in Reading, PA. Miracle-Ear Hearing Specialist Tony Valeriano tested Franz and confirmed that he needed hearing aids, but Franz quickly determined that the cost of hearing aids was out of his reach. Tony suggested that he apply for assistance from the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Franz was approved and fitted with donated hearing aids as well as life-time aftercare. Franz is thrilled with his new hearing aids. He is so excited to be able to hear his family and friends better and he can keep the TV volume lower and can understand what is being said. Franz is so grateful for the help Tony and the Miracle Ear Foundation has given him with the gift of sound.

Franz suffered from hearing loss after years of working in an noisy environment, but now he can hear his loved ones.