Curtis's Story

St. Louis, MO

Curtis is an autistic and mentally challenged patient. He does not speak, but he does understand spoken English and can use sign language to respond. While he wore a hearing aid in his right ear, it was very old and no longer serving his needs. His left ear had profound hearing loss and could only be treated with a certain advanced technology, leaving him without hearing in that ear. In hopes of replacing Curtis’ hearing aid, Curtis and his family went to their local Miracle-Ear in St. Louis, MO for assistance. Only a few days before Curtis’ appointment, his hearing aid went out and left his world completely silent. He repeatedly signed the name of his Hearing Instrument Specialist to his mother as he anxiously awaited his check-up. At his appointment, Hearing Instrument Specialist Anna confirmed Curtis’ need for two new hearing aids. Anna suggested that Curtis and his family apply for assistance from the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Curtis was approved and fitted with two donated hearing aids, one which included the technology needed to bring sound to Curtis’ left ear, as well as lifetime aftercare. As soon as Curtis put on his two new hearing aids, his excitement and joy brought tears to everyone’s eyes. He had a great big smile on his face. He was so happy and hugged everyone in the office before leaving while his parents just kept thanking Anna over and over. Anna said it was truly the best day of her career. The next day, Anna received an email from Curtis’ mother who thanked her for answering their prayers and changing their lives for the better.

Curtis gives his new hearing aids and the Miracle-Ear Foundation two thumbs up!