James's Story

Johnstown, PA

James struggled with hearing loss for many years. Communicating with everyone was becoming more difficult for him, even with the current hearing aids he had. James was always asking everyone to repeat things to him and he felt left out of the conversation. That is when James decided to reach out to Miracle-Ear in Johnstown, PA. Miracle-Ear Hearing Specialist Tiffany Goodrich tested James and confirmed the need for new hearing aids but quickly determined that the cost of hearing aids was out of his reach. Rather than have James stick with his current hearing aids, Tiffany suggested that he apply for assistance from the Miracle-Ear Foundation. James was approved and fitted with donated hearing aids as well as life-time aftercare. James is thrilled with his new hearing aids. His eyes lit up the moment the new hearing aids were placed in his ears. James is so excited to be able to hear his family and friends better. He is looking forward to hearing clearly, unmuffled sounds, and most importantly being part of conversations with his family. James is so grateful for the help Tiffany and the Miracle Ear Foundation has given him with the Gift of Sound.

James is excited to be part of conversations with loved ones again after recieving the Gift of Sound.