Genevieve's Story

Brentwood, PA

Genevieve struggled with her hearing for several years and came to Miracle-Ear due to the frustration of being unable to take part in everyday conversations. She was previously fitted with hearing aids provided by the Miracle-Ear Foundation, but recently outgrew them. Remembering the generosity of the Miracle-Ear Foundation she received prior, Genevieve returned to Miracle-Ear in Brentwood, PA. Hearing Instrument Specialist, Lori, retested Genevieve’s hearing and confirmed that her hearing had changed, but quickly determined that the cost of hearing aids was out of her reach. Lori suggested that she reapply for assistance from the Miracle-Ear Foundation. Genevieve was approved and fitted with donated hearing aids as well as life-time aftercare. Genevieve is amazed with her new hearing aids. She can resume perfect communication with her family and friends. She looks forward to returning to her church. Genevieve is extremely grateful for the continuous help Lori and the Miracle-Ear Foundation has given her with the Gift of Sound.

Genevieve is looking forward to returning to her church, where she enjoys participating in services and groups for community members.