Reconnecting communities with
the Gift of Sound.

Whether it’s talking to family on the phone, listening to the radio, or simply joining conversations with co-workers, sound is the thread that unites us. That’s why we’re hosting events across the United States and Puerto Rico to bring the Gift of Sound™ to the people who need it most.

Miracle Missions

Working with local stores, the Miracle-Ear Foundation organizes focused events to bring the Gift of Sound to underserved communities. Each event provides expert care for Miracle-Ear patients, and in one day, makes sure that as many people as possible can reconnect with the life they’ve been missing.

“The ripple effect the Miracle Missions have is priceless. Patients leave and they can talk to grandkids again. Listen to the radio on the drive home. Wake up to the birds singing outside their window tomorrow. It’s one day and it’s life changing."

- Jenni Hargraves
Vice President of the Miracle-Ear Foundation, on Miracle Missions